1. Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Chantilly Air COO featured in NBAA News

    Air Charter Operators:


    From the Competition

    Third-party audits and higher training standards help air charter operators differentiate their businesses.

    From Business Aviation Insider


    “When choosing a business that will be responsible for your safety, the minimum safety standard might not be acceptable to all clients.”
    COO and Director of Operations, Chantilly Air

    There’s no doubt the on-demand charter industry is a bit leaner than it was prior to the economic crisis of 2008, with fewer FAR Part 135 certificate holders in business now than before the collapse. For some operators, this means renewed competition to earn the business of retail charter customers whose previous charter providers are no longer in business.

    So how can you set your business apart from your competitors to earn new business?

    “It’s important for an air charter company to know what they want to be to their customers,” said Brian Koester, NBAA’s projectv manager, operations and staff liaison to the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee. “The first step in differentiating your service from a competitor’s is determining what level of service you want to provide.”...

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